My Garden is my “Farmacy” with Krag Lohry

If you are still wondering whether it is possible to “cure” your type 2 diabetes, or cardiovascular disease or cancer even just by changing your diet – then STOP!

I recently had the absolute pleasure to interview Krag Lohry, a gardening and health enthusiast from Port Elizabeth who grows “food forests” and who cured his own diabetes by changing his diet drastically.

Now we all know by now that the ketogenic diet is super healthy and really excellent for regulating your blood sugar level, BUT Krag is a vegetarian and exploring ways to remain in dietary ketosis on a largely plant based diet.

Have a look at the interview I had with Krag not so long ago and let us have your thoughts and comments below.

My Garden is my Farmacy Segment 1

My Garden is my Farmacy Segment 2

My Garden is my Farmacy Segment 3

Happy viewing folks, until next time – stay adventurous and be happy!