Climbing at Valley Crag

Being the adrenaline junkie that I am, I recently paid Valley Crag a visit to film an insert for my show, “Go Well With Sharon” on DSTV channel 260.

Well! What a blast!!!

I can honestly say that I had fun from the second we arrived until we left. JD and Ian were so sweet and JD is the most patient instructor ever.

I consider myself quite fit BUT by the 3rd climb I could no longer feel my arms… ‘Twas the greatest fun none-the-less.

My favorite is without a doubt the top ropes as I found those quite challenging (from my perspective) as I am vary of heights, but because I understand and trust the equipment (and the instructor), it was just great.

So be sure to watch “Go Well With Sharon” this coming Monday, 26 November at 18h30 on DSTV channel 260 for the full experience.

Thereafter I chat to Dr James Vlok a local chiropractor about the importance of looking after and “servicing” your body.