The YouTube Channel and Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone!


My wish for you this year is to STOP making new years resolutions that you never keep, and rather indulge in proper goal and intention setting and then to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve anything that you set your mind to.

Make this YOUR year to go on adventures, achieve everything, be happy, travel more, be healthier, get really fit and strong and to be well.

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Until next time – Go Well Folks!

Much love


Let Love Rule The World…

A NOTE: The thoughts that follow here are all my own, whether right or wrong, these are my innermost thoughts and feelings.

I felt compelled to right this blog post due to the fact that in recent times I’ve encountered so much negativity within people towards one another and this bothers me.

Imagine a world where we can all live in love, peace and happiness. Where we embrace our differences and accept one another as opposed to fear that what we don’t understand or try to learn about one another as opposed to judge that we don’t know.

If we spend HALF the amount of time learning and understanding our differences versus the time we spend gossiping and judging, imagine the changes we will bring about in this world.

We are all amazing, beautiful, special and precious whether we are South African, American, British, Malawian or any other nationality, whether we are black, white, coloured, asian, or whatever, whether gay, straight, lesbian or trans… IT DOESN’T MATTER.

The only thing that matters is that we are all HUMAN. There is only one race and that is the human race. We experience love, hate, excitement, happiness, sadness, hurt, depression, anxiety and every other emotion exactly the same way. If you cut us we all bleed the same way.

Folks think about this the next time you want to separate and judge… We are so quick to divide and shatter into little cliques, how about uniting, loving and bringing this broken world together. How about piecing and gluing it together with love, acceptance, understanding and by embracing diversity?

Food for thought?

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Love, light, peace, happiness and universal healing energy to all.

For The Love Of Laughter

Now everyone who knows me know that I love a good laugh, in fact I’m always laughing or smiling.

Now some people may say that it is impossible for a person to always be happy, I say “NONSENSE”.

It is no secret that happiness is a choice. You get up every morning and you CHOOSE to be happy. It is a conscious choice you make over and over again every day of your life.

I am also a firm believer that all people deserve happiness, it is our birthright. Most of us have simply lost the ability to be happy – and it all starts with a grateful heart.

Just like 99% of all people on Mother Earth, I also did not have the best of starts in life and I was not always a happy person. But if you can find the small things in life on a daily basis that makes you happy and be GRATEFUL for these small things, I guarantee you that you will find happiness beyond your wildest imagination!

Just try the following exercise the next time you are tempted to complain about how bad or unfair your life is – turn the frown upside down – SMILE. The second you smile something happens inside your brain, it releases endorphins that make you feel better. All of a sudden things look up a bit, then someone smiles back at you and the sun shines brighter.

It is really true folks, a smile can truly brighten the dullest of days, plus its contagious. So let’s start an epidemic – spread those smiles and the happiness for and wide!

Lots of love, good energy and positive vibrations

Sharon Jessop

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