New Episode Uploaded & Heartfelt Post

Hi All You Beauties!

Please note that the latest episode has been uploaded onto my YouTube channel, we visit Adrenalin Addo and go flying down tandem ziplines and swing from giant swings!  Then we visit the fabulous Grass Roof Restaurant in Sardinia Bay and chat to the amazing Tracey Campbell about adventure racing and the World Adventure Racing Champs.

Go view it by clicking on THIS link (and please subscribe while you’re there): Sharon’s YouTube Channel

Now, I have something I’d like to share with all of you… Newsflash!!! I’m not perfect… (caution: long post ahead!)

Yes folks, I am not perfect! I often hear people say things like “oh but this never happens to you” or “you are so perfect” or “do you ever get down, you are so happy”, etc. etc.

Well here’s the thing, yes I do get the blues, yes I too cheat on healthy eating and even binge eat sometimes (and then sometimes this lasts for months!), I do get angry, frustrated, scared, lonely, feel hopeless or useless sometimes. I am human just like you. 🙂

Nobody is perfect guys and neither should we aim for perfect as it is simply overrated and unobtainable and unrealistic and it makes us simply miserable.

I had a BAD second half of 2018… and this is no joke. My husband was hospitalized with a life threatening condition, had to have a pace maker inserted and here’s the thing – we didn’t have a medical aid. So besides worrying myself sick about him and his condition, I was worried sick about the medical costs as well.

On the 14th of July (my father in law’s birthday), my son and I took my father in law to a coffee shop between hospital visits for cake and coffee to celebrate his birthday. Now normally I’ll have a piece of cake, and then go back to eating healthy again after that. Well… this time it didn’t happen. I went onto a self destructive binge that left me exhausted, miserable, messed up my sinuses and saw me gain 7.9kg!!!

But alas – appearances were kept up and brave face plastered and we battled ahead! Luckily for me, I entered the 60 Day Eat Clean Train Lean Challenge to help me refocus myself, went to an amazing energy healer, Lee Morgutti, for 3 healing sessions, and cleaned up my eating.

I’ve also had a hard look at my business and personal life and I’ve set new goals for 2019, and have done an entire intention setting exercise for the remainder of 2019.

So I guess the moral of the story is that no-one is perfect, we all fall off the bus, we all get sad, we all hurt sometimes, but we need to reach out to others (family and friends alike), and trust and value them enough to ask for help, to unburden and sometimes just to get a hug or have a good laugh. And then off course we need to make sure that we get up, dust ourselves off and get back on that damn bus before it leaves without us.

Have an awesome and blessed day everyone.

Love, light and blessings

Sharon Jessop

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  1. This is so true. People mean well when they say these things, but unintentionally cause more damage. Sometimes its better to not say : “you don’t” and rather ask: “do you?”
    We are all on a journey and we all have struggles to test us, to learn from and to make us stronger

  2. So true and raw and real and beautiful!! I know that it sounds horrible but I am relieved that you are not perfect lol. I am however glad that you are you ☺❤ Someone that inspires me (and many others) to be better and keeps me motivated everyday.

    You’re an inspiration! That’s soooo much better than being just boring old perfect ?❤

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